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Sending Wordpress Articles to Telegram Automatically

Kepala Suku

Web & Mobile Developer
Staff member
In this article, I will explain how to automatically send wordpress articles to blogspot using the Tuyul Ninja plugin.
  1. Download plugin from Wordpress repository and then install to your Wordpress
  2. Open Tuyul Ninja Setting Page
  3. Enter the job name in the field provided
  4. Select Telegram Channel from provider tuyul ninja select telegram channel.png
  5. Enter Telegram Bot API. Read more here to create telegram Bot and retrieve the token.
  6. Enter Telegram Channel Username without @. See the picture below to get the Telegram channel username telegram channel get name.png based on the picture above, the username that must be entered is tuyul_ninja
  7. Select post category: You can select a category or all categories
  8. Select priority: which post should be sent first by Tuyul
  9. Select schedule: how often do you want to order the tuyul to submit articles
  10. Select content type: select the post type you want to send. full post or excerpt
  11. Click Add Job button to add new job using above configuration.
Nb: Don't forget to invite bot that have been created to the channel that you are submitting articles to. If the bot is not invited then Tuyul unable send articles because they do not have access rights.